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video-li-bullet Buy Website Traffic & Real Visitors – Thousands Arriving From High-Quality Redirected Domains & Web Sites.
video-li-bullet Over 150+ Targeted Categories of Live Traffic to Choose From.
video-li-bullet Only Unique Ad Campaign Visitors Get Counted – 24 Hour Unique Traffic.
video-li-bullet Simplest Way to Bring Targeted Traffic & Potential Customers to Your Site in Bulk.
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Online businesses MUST have quality visitors / traffic to their websites in order to generate online sales. The more targeted and timely that traffic is, the higher the probability of making a sale to those visitors. Our services send you the best targeted website visitors your business can use to succeed online. Get the affordable targeted website traffic that you need today!


Full Page Targeted – All USA – 24-Hr Unique – Redirected Web Traffic

>> This is the best, most cost effective web traffic solution to drive targeted visitors to your website. You will get thousands of real, targeted people to visit your web site all while looking for your type of products or services. This option gets you quality web site traffic that is targeted according to the categories that you select when ordering.
View our list of over 150+ available targeted categories.



15,000 Unique Targeted USA
Web Visitors (monthly)

10,000 Unique Targeted USA
Web Visitors (1 time)


40,000 Unique Targeted USA
Web Visitors (monthly)

25,000 Unique Targeted USA
Web Visitors (1 time)


100,000 Unique Targeted USA
Web Visitors (monthly)

60,000 Unique Targeted USA
Web Visitors (1 time)

About Our Redirect Traffic Network

We have our own extensive network of web sites and domains, as well as relationships with other popular, high traffic web sites and valuable domain properties. This allow us to place specific coding on the web sites that will cause a redirection of incoming web visitors to arrive at a Full Page View of Your Web Site.

For each visitor that goes to any of our specific categorized web sites, traffic is automatically “Redirected” to your web site for selected categories. This gives YOU highly targeted traffic from motivated customers – right at the time when they are ready to buy!

With tens of thousands of sites in our network, now YOU can get targeted redirected web site traffic arriving direct to YOUR web site.


High Volume Full Page, Targeted or Non-Targeted – Worldwide Traffic

Available only in higher quantities, we can provide you with high volume, high quality, Targeted or Non-Targeted Worldwide Traffic. Special Pricing available for VOLUME purchasers only.

Traffic is delivered via a mixture of all three methods of pop-unders, pop-ups, and redirected domains. Our proprietary Pop-Under technology will cause your web site to automatically load in the background of targeted web pages. Your Pop-Under advertisement does NOT get counted toward your purchased quantity until after ~25 seconds of it being displayed to the visitor. This will make sure that you are not paying for wasted traffic or ads closed by the user before fully loaded or read! Our Pop-Under traffic cannot be stopped by regular pop-up/pop-under killing software.

View our list of over 150+ available targeted categories.



5,000,000 Worldwide Visitors – Targeted (1 time)

GUARANTEED 5,000,000 Visitors to your website for the
category you select.


5,000,000 Worldwide Run-of-Web Visitors – Non-Targeted (1 time)

GUARANTEED 5,000,000 Visitors to your website. Non-Targeted Visitors.

Volume web traffic advertising is a great way to add new customers to your business. We do not overload web sites and visitors with pop-up ads, they are carefully placed – and in ways to allow for maximum appeal. Large companies use this type of advertising to promote their products and services all the time. Now you can use the same proven successful techniques for your business.

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